CD license plate car insurance Netherland

CD stands for Corps Diplomatique. The license plate starting with CD-XX-XX or XX-CD-XX is issued for a motor vehicle that is owned by a person ( diplomat or consul ) with a diplomatic status who works at an embassy, the consulate and members of international organizations established in the Netherlands. All cars owned by the embassy and consulate must be insured by an insurance company in the Netherlands. ( Dutch version )

Car insurance for CD license plate

We insure cars with a CD license plate in the Netherlands. To request a car insurance policy with a CD license plate please contact us. We can speak to you in English. You can choose from three cover types:

- CD license plate car insurance WA ( third party liability insurance )
- CD license plate car insurance WA + Extra ( theft, fire, glass )
- CD license plate car insurance WA + Casco ( full casco cover / All-Risk )
- CD license plate legal aid
- CD license plate for passenger and driver insurance

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